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       My creative process begins with photographic observations and documentation.  Using traditional, digital, and non-traditional, photographic techniques, I add paint and collage to create photographically based mixed media artworks.

      For me nature is a fascinating subject that offers endless variety. I am attracted to the complex organic forms, textures, and colors within a single plant, challenging myself to represent it in as many different and unique ways as I can. In the Modernist tradition I turn the flower, leaf, seedpod, over and over, looking  for and amplifying pattern, shape, color, and line. My goal is to push the photograph beyond traditional boundaries and make it truly a distinctive mixed-media image. The result is a series of related mixed-media artworks that can stand alone or as a collection. 

        Message me for price and size if it’s not listed.

My artwork is exhibited regionally in galleries and juried exhibitions and it is included in the permanent collection of The Art Museum of the University of Kentucky and the Little Fine Art Library, University of Kentucky. My artist books can be found in the permanent collections of Lucille Little Fine Arts Library, University of Kentucky, Vanderbilt University, Denison University, Baylor University and the Savannah School of Art and Design.

The studio portfolios are organized by subject. Thanks for looking…

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