“Feuilles-Magnolia Leaves”

What I enjoyed the most for creating new artwork for the postponed exhibit 'La Feuille' (other than it could be done on my dining room table during Covid 19 quarantine) was that I applied all of my favorite techniques to create the images.   Frist, I drew from my photographic background, selecting my favorite images of the magnolia leaf, then I  used a multitude of photoshop tools to warp and postrize images. Next I painted the paper that the photograph would be printed on and finally I used many of my bookmaking techniques to mount the final image on board. For the final exhibit Karen Spears and I are envisioning a  grid wall of all our “Feuilles”

The resulting artworks range in size from 6”X6” to 12”X12”.  They work well in groups and all are available for purchase.  (POR)  

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