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Twisted Clivia

 I photographed the Clivia digitally in a studio lighting setting, from multiple angles taking countless images. In post-production, the best image is “posterized” accentuating the strongest colors, and the pattern is then “warped” to emphasize the strength of the form and line. Before archivally printing, Stonehenge paper is painted with textured acrylic paint in a complementary color.  I print the image while the painted paper is still slightly damp allowing for the ink to be absorbed into the paper,
resulting in a very painterly image.

I give the artwork volume by mounting the finished artwork on gallery quality cradled wood panels that vary in depth from one to two inches.  The mixed media artwork flows from one image to the next creating a kind of visual narrative or series that works with one or two pieces
to an installation that will fill the room.

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