Magnolia Series 

New Magnolias

I can't seem to quit exploring the visual possibilities the magnolia offers...

 I was first attracted to the blossom and unique seed pod and then the graceful quality of the leaf.  Now I've invited four other artists, working in other mediums to add their destictive art work to the image. Imagine photography with paint, with drawing, with fiber, with sculpture.

"You & Me" exhibit opens January 8th, 2019 and is on view through February 16th, 2019

      It was a pleasure and an honor to be selected to create the artwork for the 2017 Kentucky Arts Council's  "Governors Awards in the Arts". For the award I chose to study a southern symbol that is very familiar to all of us, the magnolia tree. I am drawn to it because of the simplicity and beauty of the blossom and it’s most interesting and unusual seed pod. I photographed it throughout the spring, summer and fall as the blossom and seed pod developed.

     For the “Governor’s Award in the Arts” each Magnolia Series assemblage is a collage of 8 to12 5”X5” square photographs layered to a depth of 1 ¾ inch.  Each of the 12 collages is a different arrangement of the photographs of the magnolia blossom. In addition to the unique arrangement of the blossom each piece has a different stage of the seed pod represented somewhere in the collage.  The collection is a study of a beautiful flower and the metaphor of transitory change.  

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