Magnolia Seedpods

Over the years I’ve studied the magnolia from blossom to seedpod and the leaf. The forms and textures are fascinating.  Recently I revisited one of my favorite photographs of the seedpod the “Magnolia Heart” and was invigorated to study the seedpod once again.  These seedpod are photographed in-situ, warped and posterized in post-production and archivally printed on embossed watercolor paper.​  Available in a variety of sizes POR








Magnolias from Blossom to Leaf

A collection of Mixed Media photographs 

      It was a pleasure and an honor to be selected to create the artwork for the 2017 Kentucky Arts Council's  "Governors Awards in the Arts". For the award I chose to study a southern symbol that is very familiar to all of us, the magnolia tree. I am drawn to it because of the simplicity and beauty of the blossom and it’s most interesting and unusual seed pod. I photographed it throughout the spring, summer and fall as the blossom and seed pod developed.

     For the “Governor’s Award in the Arts” each Magnolia Series assemblage is a collage of 8 to12 5”X5” square photographs layered to a depth of 1 ¾ inch.  Each of the 12 collages is a different arrangement of the photographs of the magnolia blossom. In addition to the unique arrangement of the blossom each piece has a different stage of the seed pod represented somewhere in the collage.  The collection is a study of a beautiful flower and the metaphor of transitory change.  

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