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Agamograph Garden

The amaograph, named after Yaacov Agam an Israeli kinetic artist, is an art form that changes as you view it from different angles.  Applying  his technique to my photographs, each photo in the Agamograph Garden is composed of two photographs that change as you walk by.   
The photographs are archivally printed and sealed with a UV protector.
Available in a variety of sizes. POR

Poppies to My Left
Poppies to My Left-Poppies to My Right
_MSR7510 copy.jpg
Lotus Blooms
Lotus Blooms
Lotus Comes Alive
Magnolia Blossom and Seedpod
Magnolia Bud & Blossom
Magnolia Seedpod

For the Love of Sunflowers

Sunflower Burst
Sunflower Burst
Sunflower Swag
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