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notBIG(4) the EXHIBIT


M S Rezny Studio/Gallery is pleased to announce the finals in the national small arts juried competition notBIG(4) The Exhibit.  There was no intended theme for this art competition; the only requirement was that the artwork had to be 12”x12” or smaller, including the frame.  136 artists from 32 states submitted 440 artworks for consideration.  This year’s juror Kurt Gohde, Professor of Art, Transylvania University, Lexington, KY, selected 45 artworks to be in the exhibit.  “The artworks chosen for this exhibition represent a wide range of media, styles, and conceptual approaches to making art. They resonate with presence much larger than their measurements in inches. They challenge a statement we have all heard too many times, a statement more memorable for alliteration than for any connection to reality—bigger may not be better.”


Of his selection for the exhibit Mr. Gohde stated “The sense of wonder I feel when looking at small artworks matches the biological impulse of many adults to coo at infants. Similarly, matchbooks, as collectible objects, compel a viewer to wonder what color the sulphur tips are beneath the thin cardboard cover…I hope this exhibition provides an experience for viewers something like the experience I had looking through the entries—something like discovering a new treasure in each jewelry box from a stack of boxes large enough to fill a small kitchen.”

Gallery of Accepted Artworks

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