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notBIG(4)  the Awards

Congratulations to all the artists in the exhibit and to our award winners!!

The People’s Choice voting continues through the end of the exhibit, August 31st.

Kurt Gohde, juror of notBIG(4), shared his thoughts about jurying the artwork for notBIG(4) and for his selection of the award winners.


“Small things—works of art or otherwise—create as sense of intimacy through scale. Viewing small artworks feels more like a personal and individual act than viewing artwork that is created on a grand scale.”

While jurying for the exhibit and for the awards I looked for works that:

·         ·      1. function well completely on their own, without knowledge of or existence of any other works

·                2.have stuck with me from the moment I saw them in the initial jurying process

·         surprise me and are even more compelling in real life

·         ·       3.are something I could and would look at again and again if in the chaos of the

spaces I live in

·                 4.NEED or TAKE ADVANTAGE OF the small scale

·                 5. Are compelling from a distance and additionally rewarding when viewed up close

·                  6. Feel, to me as a viewer, like they are larger than their physical measurements

Kurt Gohde, Professor of Art, Transylvania University, Lexington ,KY

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