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The Agamograph Garden

is being transplanted to the exhibition hall in

St. Joseph East Hospital, Lexington, KY - March & April, 2024

St. Joseph Hospital, Berea, KY - May & June, 2024

Thanks to Georgetown College for the inaugural exhibit







Exploring kenitic art with Agamographs and Photographs 
Agmaograph Garden 



“The Hibiscus Quilt”  is a collection of 9-12x12" individual mixed media photos printed on textured acrylic pieced together as you would a quilt and framed with a printed border (finished size 40x40")

Detail_Hibiscus Quilt.jpg

The technique simular to that used with
Twisted Clivia and Orchid in Flight
The Hibiscus is photographed, then“posterized” accentuating the strongest colors, and the pattern is then “warped” to emphasize the strength of the form and line. Before archivally printing, Stonehenge paper is painted with textured acrylic paint in a complementary color. 


“Magnolia Seedpod Quilt"

is a variegated view of the

magnolia seedpod.The highly manipulated seedpod is printed on painted acrylic  in a variety of complexities. Each image is wrapped in different depths to emphasize

pattern and form.

“Orchid Grid”
is a modular grid made up of six 12”x12” squares. A study of pattern and color that frames itself in the Art Nouveau style.

Orchids in Flight
combines paint with photo

Rezny_three Orchids in Fligh

The popular 3x33 exhibit for '24
has been postponed 

Keep in touch for more curated exhbition anouncements...

3x33 exhibit
05_3x33 installaion.jpg

Need your artwork professionally documented?

 I  am set-up to photograph artwork at

 Luigart Studios,

110 Luigart Street, Lexington

by appointment. 

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