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Mixed Media Art

As an artist I am infinitely curious, as a photographer I enjoy taking a simple object and turning it into something extraordinary to look at. I have a traditional photographic background, yet my imagery is anything but traditional. I have come to embrace the idea that all good photographs are self portraits; whether it is a person, animal, flower or landscape. I tend to see the flowers and fruits as a metaphor and symbols of life itself. My self-portraits give us a new perception of life passages and a view of spiritual growth

The Layered Photogram

My exploration of the garden as metaphor and use of the photogram continues to evolve.; With the imagery in these galleries I am using a digi...

Paint and the Photogram

 For the past year or two I have been adding texture and paint to my exploration of the photogram (a fundamental photographic proces...

For many years I have been exploring the art of the photogram. The photogram is a photographic image made by placing objects directly on light sensit...

Artist Books

Making these one of a kind, photo alternative series images has led to my interest in artists books as a way to share my views. The book is a...

Public Art Projects

I have a fascinationfor taking the photograph beyond the two dimensional page. This intrigue has encouraged me to place my original imagery i...

De-constructed photographic reliefs
With my camera I carefully study and take many, many individual close-ups of a solitary subject to extract its essence and beauty. The subject may be...

Commercial Studio
For over 25 years I have run my own photographic studio that specializes in the photography of fine art works for museums, galleries, collectors and individual artists. These custom-finished images have appeared in numerous books, brochures and announcements throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. One of my larger projects was to photograph over 300 art objects from the permanent collection Speed Museum of Art in Louisville, Kentucky to be published in their new museum handbook.

The Speed Museum Handbook
Photography of over 300 art objects, both two and three dimensional for the Speed Museum of Art, Louisville, KY

Horse Mania 2010
A public arts project for LexArts, Lexington, Kentucky that included 82 full sized fiberglass horses photographed first in the studio and again in-sit...

Sheldon Tapley
Brochure for nationally renowned painter Sheldon Tapley

Through American Eyes
Catalog of the American collection at the Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, West Virginia

The Gallery

M.S. Rezny Studio/Gallery fosters an awareness and appreciation of the visual arts by representing and exhibiting contemporary, professional, experimental and innovative artists. M.S. Rezny Studio/Gallery offers serious collectors and the general public an opportunity to participate in art experiences, to dialogue with artists and to purchase fine art works at affordable prices. Visit M S Rezny Studio/Gallery in Lexington’s Distillery District just west of the downtown Civic Center and Rupp Arena.  The natural light and 14 foot high ceilings in this renovated warehouse of 1500 square feet make the perfect location for art lovers, art works and artists. 

Gallery Hours are Tuesday-Friday11am-4pm, Saturday noon-3pm, and by appointment.

Featured gallery artists for 2014 include:

Melissa T. Hall            Photo/mixed media www.melissathall.com

Kathy Rees Johnson  watercolor/pastel www.kathyreesjohnson.com

Marco Logsdon           painting/mixed media www.marcologsdon.com

Kathleen O’Brien         collage/mixed media www.kathleen-obrien.com

Mary Rezny    photo/mixed media www.msrezny.com

Michael Wayne           photography www.michaelwayne.us

Laverne Zabieski        Fiber www.lavernez.com


Upcoming Events
“Turn up the Heat – an encaustic invitational exhibit”

Shake off the winter chill with M S Rezny Gallery’s invitational exhibition “Turn up the Heat” showcasing the encaustic medium.   Historically encaustic painting involves using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added.  Mixed media artists Debbie Jackson Billips, Melissa T. Hall, Michelle Hayden, Trish Korte, Bridgette Guerzon Mills and Raymond Papka have discovered that encaustic is a much more versatile medium that allows them to create depth in layers and serves as a means for further exploration in both form and meaning.  With nature, history and science as inspirations these artists create two- and three-dimensional artworks that reflect a wide range of styles and imagery incorporating the encaustic medium.

Artist Reception, January 15th 5-8pm

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Past Events
Pretty Aggressive

Stacey R. Chinn, Lori Larusso and Jennifer A. Reis

Three artists collaborate to construct an exhibit with individual works that deal with themes of implicit and explicit violence, anger and aggression executed within a decorative, embellished, and handcrafted aesthetic.

Closing reception November 20th with Gallery Hop

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“Dress-up” Contemporary interpretations in fiber, paint and photographs

 Five artists, Laverne Zabielski, Ashley Howell, Melissa T. Hall, Marta Dorton and Ellen Skidmore, working in different mediums frequently use the symbol of a dress within their artwork.  Each artist has a different interpretation of what roll the dress plays in their artwork.

Exhibit on view:  September 15th – October 24th, 2015

 Artist Reception, September 18th , 5-8pm, 2015

Workshops, September 19th  12:00-1:30pm -  September 26th 12:00-1:30pm

 Fiber artist, Laverne Zabielski, summarizes it clearly:

“When I see dressed up,

in Sunday best or painted blue jeans

In paintings or photographs

I see soft.

I see caring and tenderness.

I see take a stand.

I see power.

I see

I know who I am.

I know what I’m doing.”

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notBIG(3)-the EXHIBIT

 M S Rezny Studio/Gallery is pleased to announce the finals in the national/international small arts juried competition notBIG(3) The Exhibit. There was no intended theme for this art competition; the only requirement was that the artwork had to be 12"x12" or smaller, including the frame. 128 artists from 28 states and 6 countries submitted 380 artworks for consideration. This year's juror Nathan Zamarron, LexArts, Community Arts Manager, Lexington, selected 45 artworks to be in the exhibit. "While looking through the works I saw a vast array of aesthetic and approach to art making. The variety of media and subject matter made the selection process fun and engaging as well as challenging." Although the work may be small in size, it is big in content.  more info:  www.msreznygallery.jimdo.com

Artist reception and awards:  August 14th, 2015, 5-8pm

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Recollection: Twenty Years of Painting by Kathy Rees Johnson

In this exhibit of paintings by Kathy Rees Johnson we witness a deep appreciation of the landscape and her love and affection for family.  Her paintings are primarily layers of watercolor and pastels but she is also comfortable using acrylics and oils.  In the first decade Ms. Johnson discovered that an intriguing symbiosis began: “my painting began to inform my seeing as much as my seeing informs my painting.”In the second decade Ms. Johnson begins to put past family members into her landscapes and discovers a deeper appreciation for her family.And now a third decade has begun and Kathy is making paintings of ideas. “I am using my visual sense to enrich other senses, and vice versa.”

Saturday during the exhibit Ms. Johnson will lead workshops in creating your own “recollection” in watercolor and pastel.  Material fee is $25 per session (limit 10)

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“Co-Joined” Painting, photography and mixed media by Marco Logsdon and Michael Wayne

This two man exhibit features two local artists who have worked together combining their different approaches to making art.  Each piece contains one of more elements of the two styles.  Logsdon’s work is color based geometric abstractions using tar while Wayne’s landscape portraits are based in digital photography.  Separate panels have been produced and joined to form a single piece as defined by the show title. 

Exhibit on view May 12th – June 13th, 2015

Opening reception May 15th, 5-8pm in conjunction with Gallery Hop

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Y-ART sale with M S Rezny Gallery’s featured artists and their guests

We’ve been doing some serious spring cleaning of our studios.   See what treasures these 16 artists have found.  Artwork in a variety of mediums and prices will be for sale.  Sale will be one day only, Saturday May 9th from 11am-4pm.   Other artists and merchants in the Distillery District will be participating.

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“Talismans” Beaded Mixed Media Collaged Artifacts and Jewelry by Kathleen O’Brien

The jewelry combines, (one could say, collages) a variety of beads from across time - ancient, antique, vintage and contemporary handmade beads. Each necklace or bracelet is imbued with intentions, healing power.  You  also will see mixed media collages with a 3D Talisman, 3D beaded assemblage, beaded horse bridles, beaded paint brushes and beaded gourd rattles for clearing energy with sound.

On the Saturdays while the Talismans are on display, there will be informal talks about the chronology of beads and the intrinsic value as the healing, historical, cultural, aesthetic power objects that they are.

Opening reception, Friday March 20th 5-8pm

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not BIG(3)

third bi-annual small arts competition

Lexington’s Distillery District

An open call for artworks in any medium,

 no works over 12 inches in any direction.


$500  1st Prize

Three $100 Honorable Mention Awards 

Entry Deadline:  June 15th , 2015

There is no intended theme for the work; it just needs to fit the criteria of being “small art”.

No works over 12 inches in any direction including frame

Entry fee $20-$30 

Complete prospectus   www.msreznygallery.jimdo.com  

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“Lens-Less” alternative captivating photography withKevin Griggs, Darrell Kincer, Nadezda Nikolava, Mary Rezny

Each of these photographers uses a different photographic technique to create photographs without the use of a lens.  These images are an exploration of 19th century photographic technology with a 21st century vision.

Using a pinhole camera and traditional B&W paper Kevin Griggs exposes the image for months resulting in an eerie landscape that documents times travels.  Darrell Kincer’s silver gelatin images of contrasting typography and illustration begin by placing currency on photographic paper (photogram) and then finishing with a mordançaged, an unusual alternative process that allows for the literal removal of dark emulsion from the print.  Nadezda Nikolova relies on wet plate collodion, a 19th century antiquarian process, to create handmade, one-of-a-kind images on aluminum plates.  Mary Rezny explores Lumen prints created by placing objects directly on traditional B&W paper and exposing it to the sunlight for long periods. 

Opening reception and Gallery Hop January 16, 5-8pm

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Holiday Revels: featuring the gallery artists of 2014.

Throughout 2014, the gallery has been filled with the innovative work of many contemporary artists. Holiday Revels will be your chance to review the work of our featured artists. A wide variety of media and subject matter will offer an abundance visual stimulation for the festive season.Artists to be featured are, Melissa T. Hall, Kathy Rees Johnson, Marco Logsdon, Kathleen O’Brien, Mary Rezny, Michael Wayne and Laverne Zabielski.   A partial  list of mediums used include oil and acrylic paints, watercolor and pastel, photography, photography with encaustic, fiber art, artists books, collage, photograms and mixed media.

Artist reception and open house Sunday, December 7th, 2-4pm

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Totems, Tales & ‘Toons the story beneath the surface

The secret life of the pencil will be revealed through cartoons by Chris Brannock and Kathy Rees Johnson’s paintings about people, plants and places that populate the storylines of her life.  Artist reception Friday, November 21st with Gallery Hop.

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Connecting Fibers: fiber as art and sculpture

Six regional, contemporary fiber artists exhibit their fiber artworks that explore color, textures and form as painters and sculptors.  Artists include Stacey Chinn, Justine Dennis, Janice A. Durham, Arturo Alonzo Sandoval, Laverne Zabielski and Jennifer Zurick.  The materials they use range from natural wool or bark to synthetic fibers and recycled or found objects.  Influenced from a variety of techniques, including early Native Americans, Japanese basket makers, traditional knitting or weaving and Shibori dyeing, each artist creates a bold interpretive visual statement.

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Intuitive Found Object Assemblage Workshop with Page Tuner

We will explore the treatment of natural and manufactured, traditionally non-artistic materials and objects (of curiosity or interest) as we assemble an intuitive three-dimensional sculpture.  Respond to the objects and tap into your emotions to guide your sculpture. We will dive into how to use transition elements, while balancing composition, design, and emotional content. Swap materials, treasures, stories, and secrets.

 $275 includes a collection of objects and transition elements from the artist's private collection and lunch.  Space limited, call or write to reserve a place.

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Remnants: Photography and Sculpture by Amanda J. Cawby. Melissa T. Hall and Page Turner

“Remnants” is a body of work produced by three artists brought together by a common fascination with the scraps, mementos, leftovers, sentimental objects, and traces left behind by others.  Sculptors Cawby and Turner use

actual physical remnants from people’s lives in their complex assemblages, while photographer Hall uses the idea of people’s actions leaving behind a vestige or trace to fuel her conceptual images.

Artist Reception: September 19th- 5-8pm

Workshop with Page Turner September 20 & 21st

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"Unreal" photography by Michael Wayne

Michael Wayne’s photography focus on ordinary images that are discounted or never notice, images “that pass us by in a hurried flash”.  His photography captures the beauty in those moments.“… Looking through the tens of thousands of pictures I have taken, I liked the ones that looked more like paintings than real life...Some are blurred by the movement, others by the rain, fog or dirt on my windows...the image translates to something more than the reality of what was captured. Something unreal"

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MORE&more The Exhibit

From over 175 entries from all over the US,  35 artworks are selected by juror Jenine Culligan to “define mixed media”.  Exhibit on view July 1-31st, Artist reception Friday, July 11th,  4:30-7pm

Jenine Culligan, senior curator for the Huntington Museum of Art, selected for the honorable awards Bill Macintire, Frankfort, KY; Kathleen O’Brien, Harrodsburg, KY; and Raymond Papka, Versailles, KY and the best of show winner Linda Erzinger from Louisville, KY

complete infromation www.msreznygallery.jimdo.com

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Strange Sympathies

Ceramic sculptures by Gayle Cerlan and painting by Georgia Henkel combine in this exhibit of “Strange Sympathies”.  Exhibit on view June 3rd to 30th.  Artist Reception Friday, June 20th 5-8pm in conjunction with LexArts Gallery Hop.

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MORE&more--a juried art competition defining mixed media

The process and materials used to create a work of art are always of interest; with mixed media they are central to the work itself.The essence of the mediums, their texture and look are important parts of the message conveyed.

This juried competition seeks to find the best of the layered process of “mixed media” be it paint, drawing, photography, clay, wood, found objects, fiber or whatever. 

 The artist must use at least two different sources of materials to create one image.  

$500  1st Prize    Three $100 Honorable Mention Awards

ENTRY DEADLINE MAY 15th, 2014 ---EXHIBIT  JULY 1st-31st 2014

Complete prospectus  www.msreznygallery.jimdo.com

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“Birds of a Feather” works on paper and found object sculptures by Kathleen O’Brien and Lesley Patterson-Marx

Kathleen O’Brien and Lesley Patterson-Marx share commonalities in subject matter, materials, and their motivation for creating. Kindred spirits they are “birds of a feather” listening to the same voice within.  O’Brien is known for combining watercolor with collage, while Patterson-Marx often uses collage within printmaking.  Look closely, and you will find birds, found objects, leaves, mica, floating fragments, intuition, joy, and mystery within each artwork.

 May 2-31, 2014;   Artist Reception May 9, 4-7 pm 

 Monoprint demonstration with Lesley Patterson-Marx on May 10, 12:30-3.  Make a print to bring back and draw on with Kathleen O’Brien on

May 17 or 24, 12:30-3. 

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“The Art in Structure” a glimpse into the work of Prajna Design

This April, the artisans and craftsmen of Prajna Design and Construction will exhibit a painter’s and sculptor’s sense of directness to the art of building.  Through drawings, photographs and structures the group will demonstrate how they combine the ideas of beauty and perfection from the Greeks and the harmony and simplicity of the artisans of Japan to every project they work on.

From the large commercial build (Bernheim Arboretum) to the small bus shelter (“Gardenstop” on Euclid Ave), a new residence or a small re-model and even a bookshelf for Prajna each project is a one of a kind work of art.

Artist reception, April 18, 2014, in conjunction with Gallery Hop.

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“Fab-ri-ca-tion” Contemporary Fabric Collage by Constance Grayson

“Fab-ri-ca-tion”, a play on words in this exhibit of fabric collages by Constance Grayson. Each artwork is composed of literally hundreds of bits of vintage, hand-dyed or commercial fabric.   By layering the fabrics pieces Grayson is able to convey the impression of shading as a painter would do with paint. Her fabric “paintings” are bold interpretations of color, form and texture observed in nature “…“Fabrication” is descriptive of both the end piece of work and the process by which it is made—that interplay between a word as a noun and the same word as a verb.”

Artist reception March 15th, 1-3pm   Exhibit on view through March 2014

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Art and the Bookshelf

Sculptural and altered artists books displayed on unique bookshelves

In this exhibit the bookshelf is both a sculpture and functional unit beautifying whatever art is placed on it.  Prajna Design built a modular wall system from native Kentucky, reclaimed and exotic woods. Marco Logsdon bookshelf is reminiscent of his high gloss resin paintings, while Jack Girard and Mike Sanders bring a sense of humor to their collaborative bookcase. 

 On the bookshelves are altered books by mixed media artists Lucinda A. Chapman, Jack Girard and Ray Papka.   Also displayed on the bookshelves are three dimensional artist books by Marco Logsdon and photographers Mary Rezny and Michael Wayne.  


Artist reception February 21st 5-8pm in conjunction with Galley Hop

Workshop with Mary Rezny February 1st and 16th "That Fabulous Accordion Fold"...call or write for details

Exhibit on view through February

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2014 Featured Artists

Meet the 2014 featured gallery artist in this month’s group exhibit.  Artists include:

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Holiday Revels

A group exhibit of artwork by the 2013 featured gallery artists in M S Rezny’s Gallery.   During the Artist Reception, Thursday, December 5th, 4-7pm, 40% of any artwork sold will be donated to Hospice of the Bluegrass art fund. 

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“Layered, a Fantasy Memoir” by Laverne Zabielski

  This is a memoir that instead of using words will be a visual memoir using paintings, felt, silk and artist books by Laverne Zabielski. Color becomes the connecting tread for Ms. Zabielski. All of the “Garden Girls” have a dominant color that is reflected in the painted illustrations and the textile artwork and vice-versa.

 Although textile art, painting and creative writing may seem as totally different art forms for Ms. Zabielski they are very much interconnected   “They all rely on an element of chance and dialogue, fostering discussion. The reader’s story and my story become intermingled. Layered… My process is layered. My life is layered. My art is created in layers.”  This visual memoir merges the layers.

Artist reception: Friday, November 15th 5-8pm

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Tales from the Edge-Photography/Mixed Media by Melissa T. Hall

The subjects in Tales from the Edge are symbolic self-portraits.  At times Melissa T. Hall feels  as though she is hanging on to the edge of sanity by her fingernails.,  “Dreaming up compositions, then playfully birthing them into reality helps me cope with life: my way of clarifying internal struggles, taking the angst and making lemonade”

The title also alludes to the process of the images floating on the periphery until they coalesce. The images are on the edge of her vision, thoughts and subconscious.  Decay, escapism and entrapment dominate this series.  The viewer is invited to peel back the layers and relate to the collective dream of being somebody else.

Artist Reception: Saturday, October 5th, 1-4pm

Artist Demonstration:  Photography combined with encaustic painting techniques   Saturday, October 19th, 1-3pm

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3 X33-a group exhibit

Simply put, 3 x 33 is a show about pluralism, 3 works by 33 artists. Pluralism is used, often in different ways; across a wide range of topics to denote a diversity of views, and stands in opposition to a single approach or method of interpretation.  This show of 99 works has been curated by local artist, Marco Logsdon, to show the regional diversity of just a handful of artist working in the area today. He asked each artist to create works that show a relationship between the 3 works in either the form of a triptych or as 3 individual works made with the intention of being shown in tandem. The individuality of each artist
is the most important aspect of the show

Artist Reception, Friday September 20th, 5-9pm

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Of the Earth, Paintings by Kathy Rees Johnson

Kathy Rees Johnson’s paintings celebrate the everyday beauty that surrounds us. Using watercolor/pastel, acrylic and mixed media Johnson’s paintings allow for an interval of enjoyment for the beauty that is all around us. ”The Earth provides me with my artistic inspiration as well as serving as an antidote to some of our man-made problems. Still, there is a sweet intersection between nature and human influence that fuels my passion.”

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not(2)BIG-a small arts juried competition

M. S. Rezny Studio/Gallery announces the finals of the international juried exhibit not(2)BIG.  From over 370 artworks submitted,  juror Arturo Sandoval has selected 40 artworks to be represented .

Opening reception and award presentations June 21st,5-8pm  in conjunction with LexArtsGallery Hop.  Exhibit will remain on viewthrough July 31st

for more information and images of the accepted artwork  please visit:  www.msreznygallery.jimdo.com

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“Burying Monkees--photography by Rhett Beck

Burying Monkees"  A Photographic Journey through the Old Taylor and Old Crow Distilleries” –Los Angeles-born, Frankfort-based photographer Rhett L. Beck has spent much of the past ten years documenting the ruins of the Old Taylor and Old Crow distillery sites in Millville,  Kentucky.  His attraction to these cenes of industrial decay is two-fold.  On the one hand, he is drawn to capture the craftsmanship of an earlier time and the “art of decay” as nature reclaims the built environment. But more personally, as the title of the exhibition implies, these are also spiritual places where Beck confronts his personal demons, where art becomes a means to redemption and renewal.

Artisit Reception Sunday, May 19th


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Kathleen O'Brien--Realms of Wonder

Kathleen O’Brien’s collages of abstract watercolors, drawings, and botanicals echo the healing realms she experiences in meditation.  “Remaining in this state, the energy of the present moment guides me. The brush glides, making true marks playful and abstract, scribing a universal language or elements of sacred geometry. Serene and vibrant color fills the space. Each stroke leads to the next, revealing stories of time and place for you to
inhabit in peace.”

 Artist reception inconjunction with LexArts Gallery Hop, April 19th,2013 5-8pm

Kathleen will be in the gallery every Saturday in April from noon until 3pm for an infomal discussion of her artwork.

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Heart of Light & Darkness by Rene M. Hales & Melissa T. Hall

A photographic collaboration that creates personal narratives from ephemeral evidence left behind.  The photographs evolved from models, costumes, props, mood and locations. In each instance there was an interplay between all of the pictorial elements that came together in the final scene. We filled in all that was missing from ephemeral evidence left behind.  Opening reception February 15, 5-8pm, in conjunction with LexArts Gallery Hop

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"Sneak PeeK"

This January drop by the gallery for a "Sneak Peek" of the upcoming exhibits for 2013.  This group exhibit will give you an idea of the exciting idea of what to expect in the coming months.  Opening reception Sunday January 13th, 2013, 2-4pm.

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Collaborate!! A creative visual potential

Working in twos, eight visual artist combine talents and mediums to create dynamic new images. “The space between people working together is filled with conflict, friction, strife, exhilaration, delight, and vast creative potential.”(Bruce Mau)

Each artist will exhibit their own work beside the collaborative piece. Artists include Marco Logsdon and Matt Matsubara; Rene Hales and Melissa Hall; Laverne Zabielski and Kathleen O’Brien; Mary Rezny and Karen Spears Springate

Opening reception 9/21/2012 5-8pm, in conjunction with LexArts Gallery Hop. Gallery hours M-F 10am-4pm and by appointment. 

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Out of the Woods-Kathy Rees Johnson

An exhibit of paintings celebrating trees

Opening reception: Thursday, 9 August 2012 5 – 8 pm

"Loving the landscape has been a lifelong habit. Although my early artistic focus was on the figure, a Fay Moore pastel workshop featuring the landscape brought the two passions of landscape and making art together.  The layering of watercolor and pastel facilitated this union."

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Firmly Rooted: A juried exhibition addressing our ongoing, symbiotic relationship with plants.


Exhibit: November 16th to December 21st, 2012

Opening & Awards Reception November 16th, 2012  5-8pm

 Juror, Douglas Stapleton, Assistant Curator of Art with the Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery, selected 27 finalist  from over 325 images, submitted from across the US, Canada and Asia to be represented in Firmly Rooted. 
    Regarding his selections, Mr. Stapleton states:  “I selected works that spoke to our relationship to the green, growing world with a distinct voice.  I looked for a range of approaches and materials that mirrored that visual complexity of the botanical world… And finally, I looked for works where artists revel the verdant jumble of the natural world and search for pattern and form in the chaos.”

A First Prize award of $500 and three $100 Honorable Mentions will be presented at the Gallery Hop on November 16th
A People’s Choice Award will be presented at the end of the exhibitionwhere winning artist receives monies collected from votes placed at $1 each.

For a preview of the juried exhibit visit  www.msreznygallery.jimdo.com

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Pattern and Recognition featuring the art work of Marco Logsdon, Renee Shaw, Michael Wayne, and other artists.

In the Pattern and Recognition exhibition each artist takes the intended theme and builds upon it.  Some use only
patterns in their work and some will only present abstract images where immediate recognition of the subject is no always obvious.  Most use both.  The show will include a variety of mediums such as painting, drawing, video installations, printmaking, digital photography, textiles and sculpture.

additional information:  www.marcologsdon.com

Opening reception 6/15/12 5-8pm in conjunction with LexArts Gallery Hop Gallery hours: M-F 10am-4pm and by appointment

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"No Small Thing" by Kate Sprengnether and Mike Goodlett

 Kate Sprengnether, of Lexington, is influenced by the natural world.  She creates impressions of natural objects as visual touchstones of memories, made accessible and intimate through their small scale.  Mike Goodlett, of Wilmore, incorporates
stitched elements into his anthropomorphic pen drawings. His work mysteriously suggests figurative elements.

No Small Thing will be on view beginning on Wednesday, April 18; the opening reception follows on Friday, April 20, 5-8pm, in conjunction with LexArts Gallery Hop. The gallery will host a second event on Sunday, April 29, 1-4pm. The exhibit will remain on view through May 25, 2012

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A Green Garden: Photo-Mixed Media by Mary S. Rezny; Sculpture by Prajna Design & Crosswinds Pottery

            Influenced by the form of the photogram, combined with the hues and textures of the garden; Rezny’s photo-mixed-media images envy spring and summer.  These unique portraits, rich in surface quality and color, are a reflection of the
subtle changes within every season.

            Enhancing Rezny’s Green Garden will be an outdoor waiting arbor designed and constructed by Garry Murphy, Prajna Design www.prajandesign.com and sculptured “Garden Jewels” by mixed media ceramist Cynthia Carr, Crosswinds pottery.


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"Fire"Fiber Art by Laverne Zabielski

Working with painted shibori techniques and the FeltLoom
Laverne Zabielski continues her use of fiber as art for the wall, the floor or
the body. “My exhibit, Fire, is not only an exploration of color, it
also investigates the various definitions of the word and how these meanings impact

  Additional information:  www.lavernez.com

Opening reception 11/18/11  5-8pm in conjunction with LexArts Gallery Hop

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